Jetson Green – pH Living™ Makes the Healthiest Green Home

Green and Sustainable does not mean Healthy!

This video showcases the pH Living™ Sanctuary, a factory-built home, located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The healthy home has been certified by an independent, third party assessor, as meeting the Healthy Home Standard developed by the International Institute for the Building Biology and Ecology (IBE). This standard focuses on VOCs, energy efficiency, formaldehyde, mold, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), communications frequency pollution reductions, and radiation.

pH Living is a design-build firm led by Douglas Busch that provides healthy, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing housing solutions for people who are environmentally conscious and/ or suffering from Multiple Chemical & EMF Sensitivity.

pH Living builds their modular healthy homes in a clean, climate controlled, factory setting to provide superior quality, craftsmanship, and year around construction capability without weather delays.

The cost of a pH Living™ Home starts at $150 per square foot for homes greater than 1200 square feet and include tested quality materials, finishes, and health supporting construction techniques.

The Sanctuary is a 380 square foot prototype that can be rented for up to a week by potential home purchasers. Visit for more information about renting or purchasing a pH Living™ homes.

For more information please call the studio 310.457.5477

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