“These are not just “houses.”…”

…I stayed a full week at the test Sanctuary unit and I am astonished at their success. My subjective experience detected zero problems with air quality due to the house or it’s systems. (I am now pausing to reflect on the enormity of this statement!) This could not happen without their sound concept: Eliminate toxic materials from the start, Build under controlled conditions, Objectively test to verify success. Nobody to my knowledge has attempted this, let alone succeeded. My stay was 1 further subjective test of success. It will be interesting to see the results after a statistically valid sample size of other subjective testers. Normally 25 will paint an accurate picture.

These are not just “houses.” The availability of a guaranteed less-toxic structure, delivered anywhere in the USA is a resource that will free the chemically sensitive (and their families) to move forward with whatever life goals they have in mind: medical healing, careers, relationships, staying close to family, etc. Without it, most of us are indefinitely halted where we happen to fall ill. Therapies can be in vain if still living in a toxic place. And our friends, family and employers suffer with us. This is not about housing sick people; I truly believe PH Living homes will turn around complete families from despair to bliss, and I am anxious to see it happen.

-Paul M.

– – –

Working with Doug Busch on our home reconstruction was an amazing adventure.  He took two people interested in his advice on how to go green by upgrading a 55-year old home’s windows through an adventure of possibilities never before considered.  A 45-minute walk through a two bedroom, one bath, 1000 square foot house led to a series of questions:  Why not raise the ceiling?  How about moving the kitchen to the back of the house?  Add a bathroom, a walk-in closet, and sliding doors. Mouths agape at the tsunami of ideas that is Doug on a slow day, and with 9 pages of notes in our hands after his first visit, we realized we had a new home; we just had to step through all the planning, logistic, and implementation phases, but the vision was set.  From that day forward Doug was a rock of support and the captain in charge of our remodel.  We trusted him implicitly.  He kept us on track, answered the smallest questions, held our hands, encouraged, explained, shifted gears when they needed shifting, and 6 months AFTER the old house’s walls were pulled down we had a new home that reflected more of who we were and are. By adding north facing windows Doug brought in light without heat.  By moving our kitchen to the rear of the house, we began to use our garden.  By choosing the layout he suggested we ended up with a  house that is welcoming, airy, spacious and contemporary. We love everything about this space!!  Doug is a super hero!

Andrew Behla & Michèle Krolik

– – –

To the MCS community:

My name is Lisa Bailey. I suffer from severe MCS. I have 3 condos and a home, none of which I have been able to live in. We recently had one of the condos completely gutted and didn’t realize formaldehyde was worse than mold for me and I got so sick, I tried to take my life. Luckily, my boyfriend found the pH Living test unit online and he took me there out of desperation. I have been here for 6 weeks now and my symptoms are subsiding! I can breathe again.
We have decided to build a new pH Living home so I may stabilize and recover. Thank god they went through the trouble to design and build a mold/formaldehyde free home.
Thank you pH Living. This is a life saving opportunity! It must be very challenging for you to accommodate all of us chemically injured. Please don’t give up. We would love to stay here indefinitely!

Warm regards,


pH Living