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Changes in Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate, Blood Oxygenation, Perfusion Index, Skin Conductance and Their Variability Induced During and After Grounding Human Subjects for Forty Minutes

Gaetan Chevalier, Member, IEEE Abstract – It has been claimed that grounding normalizes physiology, electrophysiology, cortisol and improve sleep. To study grounding more thoroughly, a multi-parameter double-blind study was performed on 14 men and 14 women (age range: 18-80). This report presents results for five parameters measured during 2-hour grounding sessions, leaving time for signals […]

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Energy Stressors and their Impact on Health and Comfort

Abstract This paper summarizes international and national research, industrial standards, and anecdotal evidence that address energy stressors noise, light, and electromagnetic exposure. Since reported symptoms associated with these stressors often overlap or exacerbate those of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues, it is important to be aware of their influence. This paper will briefly define the […]

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Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (SBBTM-2003)

This unique standard gives an overview of the risk factors encountered in sleeping areas, living spaces, workplaces and properties. It offers guidelines on how to perform specific measurements and assess possible health risks. All testing results, testing instruments and testing procedures are documented in a final written report. In case potential problems are identified, an […]

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