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At pHLiving™, we believe in the power of great design.  We believe great design has the capacity to change lives and communities. Our designs convey warm, inviting and imaginative spaces with clean, modern lines, built with health supporting, quality materials and craftsmanship.

We strive for the highest standards of sustainable design, incorporating nature into our decision making at every turn. Your home is likely your greatest investment and we believe it should reflect your unique qualities and desires. The synthesis of these values is what makes each pHLiving™ home special.


We build the healthiest homes on the planet—from rehab to prefab

pHLiving™ is a design build group specializing in healthy home remodels and custom home design. We offer a variety of construction strategies specifically tailored to the needs of each client and to the unique site conditions of each project—from factory to site built construction, or a combination of both. There are benefits to each construction method and we draw upon the best solutions from each to offer you beautiful and unique homes at competitive costs.

We believe building a home requires a team of people working together with goals that are aligned with one another in order to offer the best solutions for each client—with a unified commitment to quality, integrity, and environmental responsibility. Our company model reflects this passion and commitment through seamless end-to-end design and construction services.

So whether your next project is a remodel or a new home, pHLiving™ is ready to provide you with expertise and guidance in healthy and sustainable building practices to help build your dream.

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Beyond Green is a term we use to describe our fundamental belief that current sustainable thinking must go beyond “green” in order to heal the environment as well as the human body.

Current green-think is about reducing the impact people make on the Earth. This “green” is about ecology—reducing energy consumption through high performance building construction methods and assemblies, reducing waste by redesign processes and by recycling materials, and by protecting the environment from pollution.

Green-think is good because it’s good for the planet…but this is only part of the answer. The balancing factor seldom talked about is Biology. pH living was founded on the belief that ecology and biology must be equal partners in shaping our decisions about how best to build homes and structures that support the natural ecosystems of the planet and promote human health—creating a balanced approach to living.
l green-think is good because it’s good for the planet, but its only part of the answer. The balancing factor seldom talked about is BIOLOGY. Biology is, in fact an equal partner to Ecology in a balanced approach to healthy living, both planetary and personal.

This BIOLOGICAL component considers the effect of the built environment on people. If you only consider ecology you promote solutions that are bad for people like compact fluorescent lights. If people consider the effect of the electric and magnetic fields and the dirty electricity generated by these lights they might not be so quick to embrace this technology.

Ecology AND Biology, has been the fundamental, balanced concern of pH Living since its inception. We stand ready to help people improve their home and work environments so they too can benefit a from health supporting and planet supporting environment.


Learn how PureHomes are built to the highest quality health standards in the world, bringing you peace of mind.

Our pH Living team of architects, scientists and contractors design, build and deliver certified healthy homes. Each custom home and remodel is certified to meet the Healthy Home Standard developed by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, (IBE), a 501-C(3) non-profit, without any industry affiliations or support. This is the only standard in the world that quantifies what constitutes a healthy home.

Every pH Living home receives IBE certification by independent third party assessors, certified Building Biology Environmental Consultants who are trained by IBE, to ensure that the home conforms to the Healthy Home Standard—which defines materials and building techniques and requires measurements to prove that the stringent standards for mold, VOC, formaldehyde, CO2, RH, radioactive building materials, magnetic and electric fields and radio wave pollution have been met.

We meet these strict challenges at pH Living, and offer solutions that go far beyond government mandated standards, bringing unique solutions to each project. We provide expert guidance in Healthy Design standards, Green Design technology, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and Renewable energy systems.

pH Living is dedicated to designing and building the most health supporting homes on the market, whether you suffer from environmental allergies and chemical sensitivities or are simply looking to provide your family with healthiest possible home.

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