pH Living™ Team Members

Douglas Busch - pH Living

Douglas Busch
pH Living™ Founding Principal and CEO

Doug is a designer, custom home builder, and licensed building contractor, with a unique perspective on architecture and green design, inspired by his passion as a world-renowned photographer. Dating back to his environmental work with mentor Ansel Adams, Doug has maintained a strong voice in advocating protection for the environment.

Throughout the over 50 custom homes that he has designed and built in Southern California, Doug has combined his distinctive blend of contemporary aesthetic and passion for nature—to reflect his holistic approach to the built environment.

Doug’s award winning artwork is featured in collections at museums around the world, some of which include the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Smithsonian Institute, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Doug is also an inventor, and holds patents on green building technologies, cameras, and lenses. Among his many other accomplishments, Doug is the founder of the No Strings Foundation, a charitable organization that provides grants to up-and-coming artists and green building designers.

Lori Bruce Busch

Lori Bruce Busch
pH Living™ Founding Partner, Interior Design

Lori brings over 18 years of interior design experience with emphasis on material development and handling in the fields of lighting design, furniture design, and finish specifications. She is the founding principal of Busch Design Build in Malibu, CA, an international firm specializing in high-end multi-million dollar commercial and residential projects.

Lori has designed over thirty residential and multi-family projects. Many of which incorporated green building principles and healthy specification standards.

Lori received her degree from the University of Southern California in Art History and worked as Robert Graham’s studio director for 13 years before joining Busch Design Build. She specializes in the purchasing of Fine Art for the home and the office.

Michael Francis - pH Living

Michael Francis, LEED AP
pH Living™ Founding Partner, VP of Design and Operations

Michael brings over 18 years of design and leadership experience in the fields of architecture and interior design to the pH Living Team. With his combined training as an architect and interior designer, Michael adds a valuable perspective to the design process, in his understanding of how to bring structure, space and materials together to form creative and elegant solutions. As a LEED Certified designer, Michael also integrates healthy building practices into each project, in order to promote healthy environments.

As founding principal of Queue Design Agency in Washington, D.C., an international firm specializing in innovative, high-end, and multi-million dollar commercial and residential environments, Michael is well-versed in all aspects of project delivery methods. Project types include health and wellness, entertainment, hospitality, private banking, and single and multi-family housing. Many projects incorporate green principles and sustainable building practices.

Michael has worked for internationally recognized firms including, EEA-Erick van Egeraat in Budapest, Hungary, Core Group Architects in Washington, D.C., and Artistic Builders in Bethesda, Maryland. Dedicated to supporting people and communities in need, Michael recently provided pro-bono design services for a school and community center to be located in Port au Prince, Haiti, for Global Water Trust.

Lawrence Gust - pH Living

Lawrence Gust
pH Living™ Partner, VP of Research and Development

Larry adds a wealth of environmental knowledge to the pH Living Team. He is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, and President of the Board of Directors of the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecologies, where he continues to teach.

Larry is the founder of Gust Environmental, a company specializing in the complete assessment of indoor environmental health factors from the perspective of the growing human sensitivity to environmental toxins. He has served clients in the US, Europe, and Oman since 1993, evaluating and recommending remedial measures in over 1000 residential and commercial buildings.

As a consultant, Larry also specializes on the environmental aspects of the construction and remodeling of homes and offices. He is also a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor (CERSA) through the Safe Wireless Initiative of the Science and Public Policy Institute.

Larry has an extensive 25-year business background with careers at two Fortune 500 companies. Previously, he studied environmental technology at the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology and receiving a BS Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin.

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